Zola is a University of Chicago student from Milwaukee. In her mind, those who aren’t joining in the BLM protests don’t have a truly valid reason to put themselves — and consequently, others — in harm’s way. For better or worse, this is the reality in Wisconsin, and we all have a duty to understand the dangers we still face.

“With so much going on in the world right now, fears and apprehensions surrounding COVID-19 seem to have slightly faded. Amid protests and political unrest, Wisconsin has opened, for better or worse. It is more important than ever to remain protected during protests or even going to a local restaurant for the first time. But keep in mind– is the risk of dining in at a restaurant or sitting around a bar really worth it? If you are not supporting the BLM movement via protesting, don’t conveniently forget the risks associated with a newly reopened state.

Personally, I do not feel comfortable, because coronavirus hospitalizations have increased since the reopening (unrelated to the BLM protests– do not skew the situation!), people who were high risk are still high risk, and it just takes a few reckless people to pass the virus on. To keep people safe, we should be calling upon the legislators who supported this decision to take responsibility for this heightened risk and draft a state-wide response plan.”