For Wisconsinite and Milwaukeean Emily Trific, the power of community has proven effective in fighting this pandemic, but our healthcare workers need more than community right now; they need PPE.

The influx in group gatherings and visitors to the new Wisconsin “wild west” are only going to get more people sick and put those who must care for them at further risk. Emily knows that now, more than ever, they’re going to need real support from their government in the form of PPE.

“A friend of mine who works as a social worker in a Milwaukee hospital told me that she was given a disposable face mask meant to last her a week. This situation is not uncommon, and I know Wisconsin can do better to support all essential workers by providing adequate PPE during this time.

The way I have seen my community come together to deliver meals to healthcare workers and those struggling financially gives me hope that we are on the right path. We’ve shown that we will survive this pandemic by working together, but our government needs support us to: by getting healthcare workers the protection they need.”