Last Wednesday, Tony Evers announced that the state budget would be reduced by 5%. It’s a move that seems to have garnered approval from both sides of the aisle as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll across the country.

Both local and state governments are being forced to evaluate their spending. Of course no matter what line of work you’re in, every projection you may have had needs to be thrown out the window. For Tony Evers, that reality is no different: “We will continue to have to make difficult decisions,” the Governor said in regards to the budget cuts.

From reporting in Up North News, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, seems keen on the move. She “praised the spending cut announcement as ‘smart, proactive’ and ‘prudent.’” The cut comes in the wake of grim news at the federal level, that the US economy shrunk nearly 5% in the last quarter alone.

At the local level, similar decisions are being made to freeze spending and mitigate losses. From the initial piece: “Madison and Dane County are putting about $700,000 into budget amendments to help with coronavirus response, WISC-TV reports. The amendments are expected to go into effect on June 1, and they will fund eight additional staff positions, including two public health nurses, four contact tracers, and two infection control experts.”

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