That enemy being the actual virus that we’re fighting to survive. In a move that seems to take a path above the partisanship that terminated his safer-at-home order, Evers’ revealed his gameplan on Tuesday for all-out warfare against COVID-19.

In a release, from reporting by WISN12, Evers’ states, “As I’ve said before, regardless of the political overtones of the past week, we still know what we need to do to box in this virus and help keep people safe. […] Wisconsin’s Safer At Home order may have ended, but our all-out war on this virus has not.”

The announcement is part of Evers’ $1.17B agenda, using federally appropriated funds from the CARES Act, to fight the virus with measures that are still at his disposal. The money will be appropriated in a number of directions, each of them with the purpose of fighting the virus head-on and keeping it at bay should numbers increase come fall.

Here are a few key areas where the money will be spent:

  • $260 million of the $1.17 billion for testing and $75 million for contact tracing.
  • $3 million of the fund will go to 96 local and tribal health departments in preparation of fall testing.
  • $45 million will be used for health departments to conduct testing in congregate, community and occupational settings.
  • $10 million for health departments to coordinate testing.
  • $175 million to buy more personal protective equipment for healthcare providers and first responders and $40 million for additional ventilators.
  • About $445 million will be used by hospitals to plan for a possible virus resurgence in the fall.

You can read more on where money will be used and find information on statewide COVID-19 testing expansions here.