That’s what Wisconsin-based photographer Nathanial Schmidt has to say about the glaring lack of PPE in US hospitals. According to Schmidt, it’s imperative that we do everything in our power to get medical professionals the supplies they need. And that starts with the understanding that real PPE is a lot different than the stuff we might wear to the grocery store.

In a post to his Instagram feed, he writes:

“On April 3rd the CDC began recommending that all citizens start wearing masks in public. For the average person, a cloth mask, or even a bandana is better than nothing, but for the medical professionals across Wisconsin and the US at large, medical grade PPE is necessary to protect them in this unprecedented time of crisis. Unfortunately due to a lack of surplus stock, panic buying, and the government’s desire to allow a handful of privately held distributors to be in charge of getting emergency PPE to hospitals and clinics, many medical professionals are having to turn to homemade alternatives like cloth masks and garbage bags to try and get some protection. These brave people are on the frontline of this fight. They not only deserve the best protection possible to repay them for their sacrifice, but they also desperately need it to ensure they can stay healthy enough to continue fighting COVID 19.”