According to reporting by People Magazine, “Less than a week after asking for help finding homes for the hundreds of animals in their care, the Wisconsin Humane Society — which found themselves in a ‘tough situation’ amid the spread of the virus — announced that every single animal had either been adopted or fostered.”

In a viral post to their Facebook account, the Wisconsin Humane Society shared a heartfelt note for their followers:

Absolutely incredible. We’re near tears. On March 15, we let our supporters know we needed help to get as many animals out of our shelters as possible so we could be ready for whatever challenges tomorrow throws at the communities we serve. Despite the chaos and uncertainly of a global pandemic, you adopted 159 animals and took home 160 foster animals, all in just 5 days – and while three of our campuses were closed, no less! Take a moment to let that sink in… 319 animals are snoozing on couches instead of sitting in kennels. We couldn’t possibly express how grateful we are…. click here to read the full post.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, animal shelters across the country are seeing a huge dip in foot traffic and volunteer signups. This has made it more difficult than ever to find homes for animals, and is also what makes this story all the more remarkable.

Moments like this show that the resilience of community is perhaps even stronger in times like these. Despite the bickering and bad news that seems to continually trickle out of Washington, Wisconsinites are rising to the challenge, whether by giving back directly to their community or uniting for a common goal that they could never achieve alone.

To read more about the amazing adoption spree at the WHS and how you can get involved, go here.

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