That’s the message that Briella Rose is shouting to more than 9,000 Instagram followers. In her eyes, it’s not only our responsibility to make sure that we keep ourselves protected from COVID-19, but that we also do everything we can to support those who fight the virus on the frontlines

She understands that our medical professionals are on the brink of infection every single day, and she’s making sure that her followers understand too:

“As we all know, Covid 19 is affecting thousands of families, but as well affecting the thousands of Health Care workers that put their life on the line everyday. Many of you don’t realize that the majority of us / workers can’t go home and actually get the proper rest that is needed to maintain a healthy immune system. This is exactly why PPE (personal protection equipment) is so important. Protect yourself to protect the ones that are saving and sacrificing their lives for you! All healthcare workers are very essential and deserve to be treated as such! Every health care worker deserves all the protection that is needed to make sure their lives aren’t jeopardized by saving others. GIVE THE ESSENTIAL WORKERS WHAT THEY NEED TO SURVIVE!”