Beatrice admits it can be hard to ward off the boredom and loneliness of social distancing. But at the end of the day, she considers herself lucky that “boredom” is her biggest concern.

She’d like to go out and mingle with friends or hang out at the lake, but doing so would undermine all that our healthcare workers are risking to protect her. Beatrice stands with our frontline workers, and she hopes that you will too. Take a look:

“For the past 7 weeks of practicing social distancing, I’ve been creating videos like “mindful day in the life” and “things to do while social distancing”. I’ve been going on walks with my family, studying languages, working on YouTube, making new recipes, and watching movies. It’s hard to express how incredibly lucky I am that my biggest concern right now is warding off loneliness and whether I’ll be starting my first semester of college in Spain or from home.

I’m grateful every day for the healthcare professionals in Wisconsin, in the United States, and all over the world who are fighting the battle for us, and it’s frustrating to listen to the news and hear that they are struggling to get the protective equipment they need.”