A new vending machine at Garfield Elementary School in Marinette doesn’t have candy, chips, or soda. Instead it is fully stocked with new and gently-used books.

The idea came from Kim Dama, the building coordinator for the school, who saw an ad for the book vending machine online, reports WBAY.

“I presented it to our PTO at a PTO meeting and just thought we would fund-raise for it and asked them if they would be interested in kind of exploring the idea,” said Dama.
The board members decided to buy the vending machine right away.
The machine, which holds up to 100 books, sparked excitement among the students as they spotted their favorite genres and titles behind the glass.

“I think it’s cool, because the book vending machine has a lot of books in it,” said Grayon Niemojuski, a third grader.

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