Wisconsinite Zola Yi understands the correlation between social distancing and flattening the curve. And like many her age, she understands that she’s not nearly as prone to infection from COVID-19 as frontline healthcare workers or the elderly.

But to Zola, that’s not the point. The fight against COVID-19, the fight for PPE and the fight to protect one another are fights we are all in in together. In a recent post on Instagram, Zola shares that message with her followers:

“It has been a jarring experience to hear about the protests against the stay at home order throughout the country, but especially in my home city and state. Seeing people willingly gather, risking not only their lives but countless others, is very disheartening given that essential workers and healthcare professionals are not given a choice to be on the frontlines of this pandemic.

However, every time I open social media to see others distancing, using PPE when possible (like this mask my dad made!), staying at home, and following the guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe, it is a daily reminder that we are all in this together. We can do our part so that essential workers can do theirs.”