That’s the sentiment from director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Jerry Deschane, as it relates to fallout over the sudden termination of WI’s statewide safer-at-home mandate.

Jerry Deschane has spent more time than he’d like on crowded Zoom calls since the safer-at-home mandate was struck down. Deschane is the head of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and that means he’s been calming the nerves of leaders from nearly 600 cities and villages across the state since last week.

From initial reporting via Green Bay’s, Deschane says there’s been “a lot of head-scratching and phone calls to neighbors saying, ‘Hey, what are you going to do?’” Of course, big cities like Milwaukee, Madison, and Kenosha had plans in place to limberly adjust themselves if the mandate was pulled, but Deschane notes that “hundreds of smaller cities were left scrambling to come up with orders of their own.”

Given how sudden and jarring the reversal of Governor Evers’ safer-at-home mandate was, the fallout among many of these cities has been nothing short of chaotic. In Deschane’s words, “We’re in a gray area, a no man’s land.”

In his mind, Wisconsin’s law and order is nothing better than a “patchwork quilt” at the moment, and it’ll take “a statewide uniform compromise” before things improve.

You can read more about the confusion that ensued, and continues, after the safer-at-home order was abruptly lifted here.