No one wants to be quarantined forever, and creator Michelle Ubah isn’t going to pretend that’s the case. But just because things are opening up around Wisconsin doesn’t mean we should pretend that COVID-19 is behind us. It’s ok to be excited about returning to normal, but we can still be cautious and keep the virus at bay!

“When you hear the stay at home order has been lifted🤩. But then again, having to stay at home for the past 2 months hasn’t been too bad right🥴?

Wisconsin counties have lifted the stay at home order which means there are no legal restrictions on personal or business activities. Although businesses have received an ‘OK’ to reopen, a change in the law does not change the rate of spread of COVID-19. Because each municipality has different regulations, businesses are uncertain as to how to proceed from here. As businesses are opening, I am encouraging people to continue to practice social distancing, wash their hands frequently and wear face masks when in these public spaces.”