Wisconsinite and Instagram user @natemoll never imagined that his outfit as a election poll worker would include a mask, but when Wisconsitnies found themselves risking their health to participate in the democratic act of voting, Nate strapped on his mask, headed to the polls, and tried his best to keep his distance. He wrote:

“After quite a long work day…I’m almost at a loss for words. Simply put, today’s #WisconsinElection should have been postponed.

‪To all the election officials who put their health at risk, the voters who did their best to maintain a social distance, and our truly outstanding staff at the Madison City Clerk’s office, THANK YOU! Y’all moved mountains.‬

‪To eligible Wisconsin voters whose ballots were not counted: do not forget who robbed you of your voice and disenfranchised you to play politics with a global pandemic. Do. Not. Forget.”