Last Thursday, the very day that Wisconsin broke its own single-day record for new COVID-19 cases, “business interests told a legislative committee inside the state Capitol about their desire to move faster to reopen stores, restaurants and factories.” According to a piece in Up North News, a different set of interests were being promoted right outside the Capitol’s front doors.

Two retired nurses, Ann Louise Tetreault and Tracy Suprise, held a sign that read “Healthcare workers protect us. Extremists endanger us.” as they demonstrated in front of the building.

Both women took some time during their protest to field questions. From UNN, “Tetreault and Suprise said they are sympathetic to the struggles companies and unemployed workers face during the coronavirus pandemic. But reopening businesses before the number of COVID-19 cases decreases could prompt a surge of the illness and a further extension of stay-at-home measures.”

A joint statement from the two retired nurses read:

The truth is the safer-at-home order and social distancing have saved countless lives and helped Wisconsin to flatten the curve and control the spread of this deadly virus. If we move to allow people to return too quickly to public spaces, make no mistake: we will risk the lives of our most vulnerable and the very people we’ve been calling heroes.

You can read more about the GOPs urgent push to re-open the economy and its subsequent pushback here.