After delivering on $75 and $51 million to Wisconsin’s small businesses and child care centers, respectively, Tony Evers sets his sights on rural farmers as a potential follow-up target in his pipeline.

From reporting in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the governor stated, “Obviously the agriculture industry, dairy in particular, has been struggling mightily. We want to do whatever we can to be helpful. I can’t say it’s going to be $50 million or whatever but the bottom line is it is under consideration.”

The funding being shipped to businesses and care providers was squeezed out of a divided legislature. In fact, without a months-long bi-partisan gridlock, aid would have been far more timely and effective for businesses and providers alike. It’s also worth noting that Evers won’t need his legislature’s approval for this one.

According to the original piece, “The state has received about $2 billion to help deal with coronavirus and agriculture groups have asked for $50 million of that in aid payments. Evers can decide on his own how to spend the federal money and doesn’t need approval from the Legislature, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.”

You can read more about Evers’ plans to prioritize Wisconsin’s producers and hardest hit industries with fiscal support here.