Many Wisconsin localities are stepping up and acting swiftly on recent COVID-19 outbreaks across the state. While dozens of cities are enacting ordinances of their own, Milwaukee is now the largest in Wisconsin to do so.

From reporting via Wisconsin Examiner, the new ordinance is part of the city’s “Moving Milwaukee Forward” health orders, and will stay in effect for as long as all of Milwaukee’s COVID-19 safety measures. Alderman Marina Dimitrijevic, who introduced the law, stated, “The science is absolutely clear that wearing face coverings when you’re outside of your house, combined with handwashing and social distancing … is a way to prevent the spread of Covid 19.”

The article notes that the new ordinance “authorizes building owners and operators to refuse entry to anyone who tries to enter without a mask and requires them to ensure everyone in their buildings is following the law, or face a fine of $50 to $500,” and that it will be enforced not by Milwaukee police, but by the city’s health department.

It’s been over 7 weeks since Governor Evers’ “Stay-At-Home” order was struck down by Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, a move that could very well be blamed for spikes in cases happening all across the state.

In striking down Evers’ order, GOP legislators argued that local jurisdictions, not the Governor, should determine their own COVID-19 regulations and ordinances. Now, due to the rising numbers, states are instating ordinances that look an awful lot like the ones we had.

You can read more on Milwaukee’s new ordinance, and what it means for businesses and residents alike, here.