A former employee, a firearm, and talks of reform that never seem to culminate in actual laws passed, have been on the minds of citizens in Wisconsin in the wake of a shooting that took the lives of six people, The Wisconsin Examiner reports.

As details about the shooter’s motivations, health struggles and issues among coworkers, emerge, state representatives are pointing to the elephant in the room: the lack of concrete action around gun safety laws.

Currently, there is a gun control stalemate in the Legislature. Wisconsin politicians are split. On the right, representatives are calling for more mental health funding for rural communities.

On the left, representatives are saying that “mental health is a front to avoid gun law reforms,” the outlet reports.
Proponents of gun safety reform, frustrated by inaction have called for changes, are saying that speaking out now after the Molson Coors tragedy is the right thing to do to respect the victims and their families and friends.

Representative Dave Crowley said he feels compelled to speak out and push for changes that could stop the mass shooting epidemic in the United States.

“We talk about not politicizing a tragedy,” said Crowley, “but the tragedy is political. The tragedy is that this continues to happen, and we at the federal, state, and local levels continue to allow it to happen. Our city, these families, their friends and co-workers, are all grieving. But to talk about not politicizing a tragedy is to cheapen and normalize these horrific events.”

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