When Wisconsin jolted open without warning, many lost sight of how little was really changing. While restrictions were lifted, most businesses decided to keep their doors closed and maintain their bootstrapped operations. For thousands of unemployed across Wisconsin, the end of Governor Evers’ safer-at-home order likely meant nothing. Now the governor is making the move to step in and keep those who are out of work afloat.

From reporting in Milwaukee Business Journal, Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development are triggering the state’s extended benefits program. The state has been hard at work sifting through claims and processing them since the start of the pandemic.

According to the initial piece, Evers’ administration, “has hired 1,300 people during the pandemic to help DWD with call volume and to manually process unemployment paper work, Gov. Tony Evers said. The state also contracted third-party call centers and transferred hundreds of state employees from other departments to DWD.”

According to the Governor, fixing Wisconsin’s near 20% unemployment rate will take more than standart welfare protocol. His administration will also work to disburse funding among “small businesses and farmers, which collectively are receiving $125 million through two separate grant programs.”

You can read more about the actions Governor Evers is taking to fight unemployment and navigate the pandemic here.