The Verso Corp. paper mill employs over 800 people and has been around for over 100 years. At the end of July, it’s closure will cost Wisconsin 900 jobs.

Job losses and corporate bankruptcies, which are generally followed by further job losses, are relatively common these days. America was never going to be prepared for a global pandemic the likes of which we’ve never seen. However, a slow and disorganized response from our federal government has done everyday Wisconsinites no favors.

Via initial reporting from The Wisconsin State Journal, 900 jobs will dissipate at the end of July when the Verso Paper Mill in Wisconsin Rapids will formally cease operations. According to Adam St. John, Verso’s president and CEO, “After a comprehensive review of post-pandemic demand forecasts and capacity, we made the difficult decision to idle the Duluth and Wisconsin Rapids mills.”

Between the two mills, over 1,000 jobs are fated for elimination by the end of the summer. There is little consolation one could offer to those who will soon be out of work, individuals who are likely a key demographic for the president’s re-election campaign come November.

The piece also notes that “The mill in Wisconsin Rapids is the city’s largest employer and has been a staple along the Wisconsin River since 1904. The loss of jobs will be felt throughout central Wisconsin, Mayor Shane Blaser told the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.”

Wisconsin is shaping up to look like the partisan battleground that it often is, but unrest following Trump’s handling of COVID-19 and the George Floyd protests is taking its toll — both figuratively and literally, as Joe Biden sits 9 points ahead.

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