Godlewski once made a living advising and helping mom and pop businesses scale their operations. She knows how vital these sorts of enterprises are to the Wisconsin economy, and in her eyes, the way that our federal government has prioritized “Wall Street over Main Street” is a slap in the face to small business owners across the state.

Godlewski documented her frustrations in a recent op-ed to The Cap Times, and she’s “sick of seeing local businesses across the state unable to pay bills when the administration disregards the intent of Congress by distributing millions to fast food chains, big pharma and investment firms.”

In her mind, these business owners aren’t looking for a handout. Instead, they’re looking for fairness, and a program that’s going to provide transparency and accountability for whoever helms it. Godlweski has heard story after story of real Wisconsin businesses owned by everyday Wisconsinites that are being shut out of PPP funding.

Instead, billion dollar conglomerates are dipping into a pool of money that was set aside for companies that would shutter without its help. She knows of “businesses that submitted their applications as soon as the portal opened, only to find out they’d been pushed aside by big businesses with special arrangements. And still more are just waiting to get their PPP funds long after submitting their applications.”

Without the president’s help and support, Godlewski and Evers’ teams cannot ensure that programs like the PPP and various relief grants will have the impact business owners need them to. You can read her full thoughts on the issue and her call for action here.