It’s easy to get lost in the boredom and mundanity of quarantine. Sometimes we forget that lounging in our living rooms is a luxury; a small sacrifice compared to the reality of those who fight COVID-19 on the frontlines.

Not only do so many essential workers run towards the crisis each day, they do so without the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) they need. David Clark Sally is a husband and father of two from Madison, and he wants us to remember exactly this.

In a recent post to his Instagram feed, David reminds his followers to speak up in support of our frontline workers in their struggle for PPE:

“We are living in the midst of some really wild, unprecedented times right now. Because of COVID-19, everyone’s lives have been turned completely upside down. From significant events in our lives changing and shifting, to the most mundane inconveniences disrupting our routines, nothing looks the same as it did even just 6 weeks ago.

And yet, I am lucky. My family is healthy and we are safe and we have the necessities. That’s what is most important. And we have the luxury to stay at home during these times. Not everyone does! Healthcare professionals are literally on the front lines of this crisis every single day, putting their lives in jeopardy to help others — without the armor they need to protect themselves. These heroes are at risk of becoming patients themselves because they don’t have proper access to masks, gloves, and gowns that could keep them safe. This is not right. We need our federal government to step up their support and give personal protective equipment to these people, and we need it to happen right away.

We need to speak up for those who can’t stay home, like we get to. On behalf of my family, please — let’s use our voices to help make a change.”