According to Up North News, Wisconsinites in major cities should expect to see election-specific mailboxes that look a whole lot like the traditional blue mailboxes used by the USPS. Residents of Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Appleton, Madison, and Green Bay can all expect to find a number of these drop boxes scattered throughout their cities.

The drop boxes are being rolled out to quell concerns over mail delivery issues come election day. Reid Magney, a spokesperson for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, says, “Some people are concerned about post office delivery right now. They want the option of being able to deliver their ballot without worrying about it being lost or delayed.”

And that peace of mind is exactly what these drop boxes will provide. According to UNN, “instead of an absentee ballot traveling to the post office before being routed to its final destination, an absentee ballot dropped in a box is taken directly to the clerk’s office. The boxes will be emptied daily.”

It’s big news in light of the drama that’s been surrounding the USPS, and should ease concerns for absentee voters in these cities. You can read more details and find out specifics on where and when to expect drop boxes here.