Among those tenured GOP members is Wisconsinite and longtime conservative talk show host, Charlie Sykes. Sykes might consider himself a “Never-Trumper,” and he takes issue with a number of the President’s policies. From reporting via Wisconsin Public Radio, Sykes hasn’t just distanced himself from the incumbent President: he’s emerged as one of his fiercest adversaries.

Sykes told WPR, “Whether you want to talk about fiscal prudence, free trade, American exceptionalism — one after another, those values were jettisoned, not to mention just the damage that’s been done to the American political culture by four years of Donald Trump. I just think we have to end this particular segment of American history.”

Sykes pointed to the Republican National Convention as an example of the GOP throwing itself blindly behind Trump, without much concern over the actual platform he intended to run on.

“This is a political party that used to pride itself on having ideas and ideology and proposals and policies. And essentially they said, ‘Yeah, we’re just with that guy.’ I think historians are going to look back on that as a really telling moment in what has happened to the Republican Party.”

He admits he’s had a hard time standing by to watch the “Trumpification” of the GOP in Wisconsin. It’s a portion of the Republican Party that he once envisioned aligning with “the likes of former U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville and the ‘party of reformers,’” according to the piece in WPR.

You can read the full piece and myriad of reasons that have Charlie Sykes taking a stand against Trump’s new GOP here.