Even before it fully took hold of America, COVID was becoming a partisan charade. To an outsider, this might seem like lunacy, that something so cut and dry and backed in science could become a political debate. As Americans, did we really expect any different?

By default, the idea of wearing masks — to protect ourselves, to protect others, and to end social distancing as soon as possible — became a partisan issue itself. But however you may feel about the politics behind masks, the efforts put forth by Dane County in late July and early August prove the value they can bring.

According to Wisconsin State Journal, strong progress was being made in Madison and Dane County in the fight against COVID soon after the implementation of Evers’ mask mandate:

“Dane County’s average daily cases of COVID-19 have been falling in recent weeks, following the county’s indoor mask ban that went into place July 13. Hopefully, a similar trend of fewer infections will occur across Wisconsin as more people dutifully wear a mask when they go into stores and offices.”

While many continue to project their arguments against masks, the evidence points clearly to their effectiveness. And, while numbers in Dane County spiked after the arrival of thousands of students for Fall semester, the pattern of behavior before then produced real results from the mask mandate.

You can read more about the impact that the mask mandate had in Dane County prior to the school year here.