In a piece that dissects the new health regulations in Dane County, the WSJ editorial board doesn’t necessarily agree on every bullet point. Visitors have to wear masks inside your home? A little intrusive. Totally closing bar interiors instead of reducing capacity? A little heavy-handed.

But despite where we fall on each of the fine points of the new mandates, the authors are clear: all that matters is that we listen to them — all of us. If we do, not only will the orders be gone sooner, but our economy will keep moving. The WSJ editorial board notes, “the order makes sense for two very big reasons: It will slow the accelerating spread of a terrible disease, and it will help keep our economy open.”

A larger point they get into, one that irks Americans and Wisconsinites on both sides of the political spectrum, is that masks should never have become a partisan debate. While the authors note that Dane County is certainly liberal-leaning, they point out that these ordinances are talking effect in conservative strongholds as well:

Greg Abbott, the conservative governor of Texas, just instituted a similar requirement for most of his state. And even Republican President Donald Trump, who has pooh-poohed masks in the past, told Fox Business last week he’s “all for masks. I think masks are good.” Trump’s campaign is providing and “strongly encouraging” face coverings at an outdoor rally Saturday in New Hampshire.

They close their open letter with a simple call for unity.

So put on a mask when you enter a building that isn’t your home, or when you can’t stay 6 feet apart from others outside (assuming you don’t live with them). Covering your face will help slow COVID-19. It will help keep our hospitals stable. It will allow local businesses, many of which are struggling, to stay open.

You can read the full piece and more details on the new safety mandates in Dane County here.