Kathleen Dunn is a Milwaukee radio host who’s been at WPR for 24 years. She knows Wisconsin well, and has her pulse on the mindset of Wisconsin’s Democrats. In a recent op-ed published by CNN, she’s sharing everything she knows about that pulse.

According to Dunn, there are a swathe of issues that Democrats and Republicans alike want to see addressed by the candidate they choose. But for Democrats in particular, COVID leads the horse race of policy points. For many left-leaning voters, Trump’s bungling of America’s pandemic response will be top of mind at the ballot box, likely guiding them as they cast their votes.

This isn’t an isolated sample she’s drawing conclusions from. “I recently spoke with Democratic and Democratic-leaning retirees, teachers, students, lawyers, nurses and essential workers in the state. Among the vast majority, the pandemic is the issue of most concern, tracking closely with national polls on the issues motivating voters this election cycle,” Dunn writes in her piece.

Among the other issues that will be front-and-center for Wisconsin Democrats, particularly those who are younger, are racial injustice, healthcare, and addressing climate change. You can read Dunn’s full op-ed and learn more of her unique insights on Wisconsin’s Democrats here.