“In Wisconsin, we need to do better. That doesn’t mean going to bars and out to eat and putting essential workers at risk — but it does mean wearing a mask.

As a lifelong midwesterner, I know that we are generally looked at as kind and considerate. The most kind thing you could do right now is to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Think about the elderly, who are naturally more susceptible to illnesses. Think about people with pre-existing conditions, who are now at risk every time they walk out their door. I know I want my family to be safe and healthy, and I wish the same for everyone else’s loved ones, so I always wear a mask when I leave my house.

I know it has been said over and over since March, but we really are all in this together. Everywhere in the world, we are all facing this same health crisis. It is so important to be a good neighbor right now and to show compassion for everyone by wearing a mask.”