“Have you registered to vote for the November 2020 election? Before every election, I ensure that I am registered and request an absentee ballot. I personally requested an absentee ballot to vote De Pere while attending school in Madison. But, with our current state of public health, I am especially thankful for absentee voting.

Voting by mail can be used for many reasons, but right now it is essential that everyone can vote by mail. Voting by mail will keep us safe and socially distant in the face of COVID-19. However, it is upsetting to see President Trump continue to insist that voting by mail is untrustworthy and bad. Our country has proven the validity and usefulness of absentee voting prior to COVID and prior to Trump. The only difference between absentee voting then and now is a heightened need to do so––in order to keep our nation safe––and an uninformed president.

Wisconsin is crucial in the upcoming election, so make sure you vote and have your voice heard!”