“Family photos look a bit different this year, but in the effort to keep my family and others safe, I’d want it no other way. (Heck, I’d throw a mask on Reba if I could ).

I love being a Wisconsinite (see my shirt above). I love the 4 seasons, I love the friendly residents, I love the sports teams, and I love the sense of community. As a result, I long for the day we can once again enjoy all Wisconsin has to offer while hugging our family/friends and being near friendly strangers. However, in order to achieve this goal, I know the importance of doing my part to beat this crisis. That’s why my family and I wear masks (yes, even in the house. We thought we’d practice prior to going somewhere so the girls got used to them and didn’t fidget with them or pull them down in public).

We wear masks for our grandparents and great grandparents (including the girls’ “greats” (i.e great grandparents) who have been in lockdown at their senior living since March.) We wear masks for those with compromised immune systems. We wear masks for those who are too young to wear masks. We wear masks for ourselves.

Who do you wear a mask for?”