Protests sparked by the unjust killing of George Floyd have taken cities across America by storm. From urban centers to small town Wisconsin, real change looks ready to get its due.

Reporting by Wisconsin Public Radio on Monday covered one of the more remarkable cases of small town activism happening in Wisconsin right now. Protests have erupted across not only America, but internationally in the wake of the unjust killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. In Wisconsin, this tragedy has locals “participating in protests at greater numbers than seen in decades.”

In their piece on the issue, WPR documented Saturday’s protest in Wausau, the city’s third rally in just a week. According to the article, the march saw some 1,500 marching “on downtown city streets, chanting for an end to police brutality.”

They were able to collect sound bytes from several organizers that helped put together the protest. Among them was Carmyn Hoen, who remarked, “It’s thrilling. This has been everywhere. You see it even in small towns that you wouldn’t think would have protests. … Everyone’s coming together.”

WPR was also able to speak with Gwen Taylor, another march organizer, who said, “Being part of a minority community, you don’t always feel the numbers in small communities. It’s just as important if not even more important for the small communities to come out together, for people to come out of the woodwork and see that our community is diverse, and we have strength in that diversity.”

You can read more about how national unrest is resonating with small town America — and small town Wisconsin — here.