The work that nonprofit, community-based organizations do for their citizens is more important than ever. The same goes for the grants and donations that keep them running.

From initial reporting by Rhinelander’s NBC affiliate, WJFW 12, the Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) Foundation is working to provide monetary assistance to over 30 non-profit organizations in the northeastern and north central regions of the state.

The organizations will use the grant money to provide essential items for families most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the items they’ll receive are things such as groceries and personal care products.

According to the initial piece, shared to WJFW’s website, WPS grants have already helped:

10 local United Way chapters, including the Northwoods United Way, provide essential supplies and support to individuals and families.
Northwoods Alliance for Temporary Housing, which used a grant to provide assistance to homeless families.
Rhinelander Area Food Pantry, which used its grant to provide groceries and food boxes to area residents.

In speaking with the station, Nancy Sattler, executive director of the Northwoods United Way, one of the core recipients of the WPS funding, said, “WPS employees and the WPS Foundation have always been big supporters of our northern Wisconsin counties. As time has gone on, the trickle-down effect of businesses closing and layoffs occurring are causing many area residents to be fearful of how they will take care of their families. Support for our Community Response Fund has contributed to many human service agencies in our area being able to help those in need.”

The support that WPS is rolling out is now more vital than ever, but it’s work that isn’t new to them or the communities they serve. You can read more about their ongoing support for Wisconsin’s northern communities here.