For restaurant owners used to working from a pre-planned menu and managing scheduled employees, the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic meant trading detailed planning, for navigating life on a day-to-day basis.

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association says at least half of the state’s establishments have shut their doors completely during the pandemic, reports WNP. Others offer carry-out services, but for some restaurants that wasn’t a solid solution.

“It literally feels like you are a failure every day, but you have to tell yourself it’s a win; considering the circumstances,” said restaurant owner, Melissa Bucholz said during a virtual event hosted by Opportunity Wisconsin, the outlet reports.

Bucholz, who owns Odd Duck, a restaurant in Milwaukee, said she has had to totally reconfigure her menu, and furlough employees.

In regards to qualifying for the federal programs, she said that owners need clear guidance, bridge loans and financial support for their staff.

“We are really busy trying to save our businesses,” Bucholz said. “We don’t have time to slog through millions of miles of paperwork and websites. We just need to know what to do to get through this so we can get back on our feet and come through this so we can come out the other side and be stronger than ever in summer.”

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