Wisconsin’s state treasurer, Sarah Godlewski, had a front row seat when Governor Tony Evers’ “Stay-At-Home” order was struck down over 7 weeks ago. Since then, she’s seen a whole lot of chaos and not a lot of help from those who have the resources to supply it.

Now, she’s writing an open letter to Congress, published via The Cap Times, begging for assistance for Wisconsin at the federal level. In the piece, she rattles off a litany of public services workers that are being hung out to dry:

We need EMTs and paramedics to continue serving on the frontlines fighting this virus. We need our public works employees to continue managing our sewer systems and utilities. We need our teachers to educate our kids whether that be remote or in the classroom. These workers and the services they provide are essential and critical to our recovery as a state.

Godlewski describes how these services are more vital than ever, and how a growing budgetary deficit is putting the salaries of those who fulfill them at risk. In her estimation, without an injection of outside funding, Wisconsin’s rainy-day funds will dry up and these essential workers may be on the chopping block.

Part of the problem is the sheer duration of the pandemic, and the fact that most of the federal monetary assistance came through the CARES Act and PPP, which dried up weeks ago. Now, we enter month 5 of this crisis, and the fiscal woes of local governments, small businesses, and individuals across Wisconsin are as present as they were in March and April.

You can read state treasurer Sarah Godlewski’s full piece and call for support from Congress here.